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For Emergencies - DIAL 911

How to properly call 911 and when:

Below are situations where you should dial 9-1-1:  

Below are situations when you should not dial 9-1-1:

* Crimes in Progress
  * Asking directions
* Life Threatening Situations   * Inquiring about school openings or closings
* Fires   * Reporting a blocked driveway
* Motor Vehicle Accidents   * Reporting an obstructed hydrant
* Injuries requiring emergency medical attention   * Reporting a noise complaint
* Hazardous chemical spills   * Questions about traffic tickets
* Smoke detector or Carbon Monoxide Detectors sounding   * All other NON-EMERGENCY situations
* Sparking electrical hazards    
* Smoke in a building    
* Any other EMERGENCY    

911 Emergency Usage Tips

1. Try to remain calm, remember you may be the only source of information to the dispatcher. It is imperative that you can be understood. Remember trained emergency personnel will be at your house as soon as they can.

2. Tell the dispatcher your Location, Situation, Your name and Phone number, and other pertinent details such as people involved, descriptions of people or cars, time of occurrence. Please don’t yell, “I need the police here now” and hang up!

3. If you are in immediate danger (burning house, etc.) remove yourself and your family or seek shelter if the situation allows first. If you have a cordless or cellular phone with you, be sure to program 911 on your cordless phone. You may not believe it but dialing 911 may be difficult due to limited sight emotional state etc. Teach your children when and how to dial 911 in a responsible manner.

4. Dial 911 if the situation is an Emergency situation. Emergency situations are those situations in which a person’s health is immediately in jeopardy (injury, serious illness, thoughts of hurting oneself, serious car accident, etc.), a crime has occurred or may be occurring or any other act due to its serious nature demands immediate attention by the police or fire department (electrical lines down etc.). If the situation is not an emergency situation please do not call 911. There are a limited number of 911 lines and a non-emergency call may preclude an emergency situation being able to reach our dispatchers. Call the business line at 526-0707 to report non-emergency situations or to ask for non-emergency assistance.

5. When you call 911 stay on the line with the dispatcher until you are told by he/she to break the connection. Your assistance may be required to guide in officers etc.

6. If you are unable to speak or are incapacitated call 911 and stay on the line. Your call can be traced on the 911. Officers will be sent to your location. Tracing may take some time.

Edited partially from text from the 'kotzpdweb' web-site.

Staying Calm in an Emergency Can Save Your Life...

It sounds easy to say and hard to do, but if you have planned ahead for emergencies, it may be easier than you think.

Don't Panic!  


* Call 911if you have a life and death emergency.
  * At work, use the stairs and stay to your right to leave a path
for emergency personnel.
* Follow your emergency plan. Check for and treat injuries.
* You can find First Aid tips in the white pages of your telephone book.   * At home, put on sturdy shoes to protect your feet from debris.
* Check for damage, fires, gas leaks, and other hazards using a flashlight. Don’t light matches or candles. Don’t turn on electrical switches—sparks could cause an explosion.   * If you’re instructed to "shelter-in-place," stay indoors, close windows and doors, and turn off ventilation systems like air conditioning and your furnace. Do not leave your sheltered location until authorities instruct you to do so.
* Call your family contact.    
* Check on your neighbors.    
* Stay informed by listening to a battery-operated radio, and follow instructions issued by authorities.

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