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New VHF High Band Radio System

Since 2012, Foothills has been studying and evaluating both the benefits and drawbacks to transitioning to a high band radio system. After a thorough review, we have decided to move forward with the implementation of our own high band radio network. The main benefits of this switch are:

  • Increased interoperability
  • Better radio coverage
  • Lower cost equipment and infrastructure
  • Upgrades as needed, not as mandated by a larger agency
  • No future fees for service
  • System stability
  • Coverage for our entire service area, including Genesee (see coverage maps)
  • Option for other local agencies to participate

After thorough evaluation, we have opted to fund our own high band radio system. We truly feel that this move is in the best interests of our community and of the fire department. We have received generous donations from neighboring agencies in the form of radio-repeater equipment. We received $250,000 in Homeland Security grant money to equip every member and truck with a modern high band radio. The construction of our radio network is the final step in this project. The total cost is anticipated to be $150,000 and paid for by capital reserve fund.

For a history of FFPD's Emergency Radio Communications and the decision to build a VHF high band Communications Network, click here...

Detailed Technical Information about the upcoming FFFPD VHF high band (150MHz) Communications Radio System

Supplemental documentation regarding the State of Colorado Public Safety 800 MHz Radio System

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